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Boost effectiveness, efficiency, and
maximize test coverage of your application
78% of development teams use automated testing as a part of their QA strategy
Why choose Automation?
Don't cut corners on testing
In any release pipeline, testing is often viewed as a major cause of delays in product releases by organizations.

Reach an optimal level of test effectiveness, test efficiency and test coverage by avoiding manually conducting repeatable test runs
Get your product release-ready
Due to frustration, many companies end up risking their reputation with quicker releases that have compromised testing quality.

In fact, research has shown 72% of IT teams rely on customer feedback to identify the user experience issues with their product
Focus on things that matter
With a comprehensive, automated testing approach from QA Camp you can:

  • attain consistent quality and speed
  • deliver a satisfying user experience and add value for your customers
  • outperform the competition and lead the way in your market.
Benefits of Automated Testing
A survey of companies using automated testing shows that the majority of companies employing this testing approach saw increase in software development efficiency
Optimization and Efficiency
Timely release of the software is a prerequisite of companies developing applications. The automation process increases the efficiency and speed as reused modules are used for different tests. This also reduces the costs and efforts on the behalf of the service company and its test engineers respectively.
Increase Test Coverage
The automated testing is an ingenious tool for the QA engineers as they can use it on different operating systems and web browsers with several configurations.
Automation helps you find bugs in the early stages of development, thus reducing expenses and hours spent on fixing the issues.
Return on Investment
As we know, manual testing can take a lot of time and resources. The coverage of sensitive test cases with automated tests undoubtedly ends up with a return on investment. Such tests are not only used many times in the project, but their elements can also be used in other projects. Of course, return on investment does not come up immediately since it requires long-term planning, but keep in mind that automated testing in big projects is crucial.
Manual tests obviously differ from each other, but your scripts don't. With that in mind, you don't have to write new scripts all the time. To test a login page in two projects, you can use the same login script — you'll only need to make some small changes.

You can, for example, modularize test automation code that checks the entire login and log flows. It allows you to redo the tests exactly the same, without forgetting any steps
Enhance the Strength of Agile Development
For agile development, test automation and continuous integration are foundation stones. Agile practices always depend on quick feedback by testing each incremental change. It is not something that cannot be done manually but automation permits to break the waterfall's paradigm of "coding phase and then testing phase". It helps to turn different phases into an integrated development cycle.
Running Tests 24/7
Manual tests have their limitations — they can be performed only eight hours a day, five days a week, which results in only forty hours per week dedicated to this important task. After eight hours of work people go home, so the tests are put on hold.

Automated testing, however, has the advantage of running at any time of day or night, no matter where you are in the world. You can start tests the you leave the office and have reports ready when you get back in the morning.
Keep QA Team Motivated and Efficient
The process of setting up test cases requires identifying different test scenarios and coding, which keeps test engineers utmost technical minds involved and dedicated to the process. By implementing automation you allow your QA team to spend time on tasks other than manual testing. That way the job QA engineer becomes more interesting by removing the repetitive element of manual testing.
Automation powers agility Oriented Web
Agile development delivers the product that customers are looking for, and with fast, regular product updates a significant influence on high customer satisfaction, responsive, reliable automated testing can deliver the fast results needed.
Many companies are adopting automation as a part of their move towards DevOps. automated testing, and without it, they are missing out on the ability to reuse tests across iterations for consistency.
67% of all IT teams
Use DevOps framework
Our solutions create opportunities to build new features and further optimize the system
Our QA experts have a good understanding on how systems work and experience designing stable automation frameworks to avoid test flakiness.
QA Camp works autonomously or in partnership with your existing team to provide continual identification of issues that can affect your brand's reputation, however demanding the schedule may be.
Create and maintain your test automation framework
Align and integrate your engineering workflows with our testing process
Design, build, and maintain accurate test scripts
Manage test runs and setups for you
Review and validate test results and defects
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