API Testing is essential, no matter what you're building
Having the right process, tools and solution for API automation testing is now more critical than ever.
The Power of API Testing
    Test API's for their capabilities to integrate, stand out to expected functionalities, equally weigh for performance parameters and ensure security standards
    Robust API testing practice to verify code and evaluate any unwanted, discover defects at early stages
    Testing that exposes coding issues can be missed by manual or automated tests
    Less time consuming than functional GUI testing to keep in pace with Agile development
    This aptly tests the core of your product's functionality and it is the truth that functionality typically determines the end user's expectations
    With API's, integration of tools or programs can happen at any point of time to enhance the experience and functionalities of the software
    API testing is indispensable and test automation is leveraged currently to make the testing process faster and error-free
API quality is considered by 75% of organizations
According to Google Trends, the interest in API/Web services testing has been growing steadily over the last couple of years.

API quality is considered as a top priority by more than 75% of organizations across industries. Having the right process, tool and solution for API automation tests is now more critical than ever.

API testing is a crucial component of a successful CI/DevOps practice.
Crucial to the success
API performance is crucial to the success of any application. Our testing covers all aspects of API functionality, using proven testing processes to analyze API responses, including data output and extended calls to other APIs within the application.

That allows for data flows to be monitored and assessed quickly and accurately.
API Testing Plays a Key Role in Product Successful Integration
In the era of AI and IoT, the need for API testing is becoming intense
The API layer is frequently ignored while developing and executing automated tests, while end to end GUI tests are executed to check if the final application works as expected after integration.

API layer should never be ignored and API testing should be considered as a fundamental part of your testing strategy for it to be successful.
Automated API Testing strategy is the most effective strategy for faster delivery and reduced human inaccuracies.

API testing is crucial and highly required. Having the right process, tools and solution for API automation tests helps ensure the testing is successful.
Benefits of API Testing
Flexibility writing automated tests due to data exchange via XML and JSON. Verification is fast and stable and there are built-in libraries to support it.
API testing can be performed in the application prior to GUI testing that allows to expose minor errors and evaluate app stability. Early testing implies early input and better team productivity.
Quick Releases
Usually executing API testing sets aside to eight hours contrasted with UI testing, permitting programming development groups to discharge items quicker.
Better test coverage
Achieve full coverage with functional and non-functional automation tests utilizing specifications available for API/web services.