Services backed by a strategic approach to quality
With the same goal in mind - deliver a quality product in time and on budget
Encourage collaboration to improve product quality
Earn your brand's association with high quality by delivering consistent results, irrespective of any change

Promote collaborative environment to achieve quality goals

Engage customers with a better performing website
A poorly performing website is a guarantee of your users becoming frustrated and leaving your site

Create a positive emotional connection with your users by investing in flawless performance
Increase conversion rates and customer retention
An enjoyable experience creates happy customers - that can make or break your loyal user base

Invest in quality user experience to strengthen brand loyalty and advocacy
Quality Assurance is essential to any delivery team
With a rise in quality comes a rise in confidence, which improves team cohesiveness and overall morale. At the core, a culture of quality assurance enhances your ability to build and launch high-quality products that meet your stakeholders' needs - a culture that benefits everyone.
• Better collaboration
• Clear processes
• Optimized Approach
As a CTO you are juggling multiple teams, tasks, and responsibilities every single day. So, finding the time to deliver on all channels can feel like a huge pressure. Especially in the ever-changing tech world.

Given today's fierce competition in IT you simply can't ignore investing in quality assurance. As a business stakeholder you care about success of your teams and value delivered to your customers.
Identify gaps in quality before they ever reach your customers and help create the definition of success for your teams.
Entrust the critical task of identifying gaps in quality and validating your product meets high standards to a team of highly qualified QA professionals.
Build a foundation of communication and a shared understanding about the importance of quality among the teams.
Using our testing services allows you to:
  • QA teams help meet clients' expectations and market demands
  • Fulfill established goals and beat your competitors by producing a better product
  • Save time and get products to the market faster
  • Scale your testing strategy and define strategies to scale your QA team
It's crucial for the development and QA teams to work closely together. This collaboration allows to think proactively about QA to spot problems early in the development process or before they even happen.

Development and testing must always be synchronous. Both teams, acting as a single unit, are responsible for the product.

The QA's mission is to help developers deliver the product of their work within the estimated timeframe, free of any issues that might block successful function of the software and affect the user experience.
Focus on building outstanding applications while we ensure test coverage is aligned to your release
Using our testing services allows you to:
  • Implement a solid QA strategy resulting in stress-free and successful releases
  • Ensure your product is stable and reliable
  • Save costs by detecting and fixing issues and flaws early in development
  • Set and maintain high quality standards and shift focus from detecting issues to their prevention
As a product manager you are at the forefront for managing your users' expectations and reactions. The role entails thinking of both the big picture and the small details.

QA is an extremely important link between the Development Team and the Product Leaders. QA can fill in as a proxy for the Product Owner, if needed, which allows your team to keep moving forward at all times.

Product Owner cooperation with QA is crucial for the success of the project. By collaborating and incorporating QA into product requirements discussions, you're setting yourself - and your product - up for success.
Meet strict deadlines and deliver new products and features with confidence!
Using our testing services allows you to:
  • Foster development of a high-quality product that satisfies users
  • Increase conversion rates, retain existing and attract new users
  • Spot gaps and avoid risks that can a negative impact on the product at the early stages
  • Keep pace of quickly changing trends and achieve success in running your business
Having everyone aligned with the same vision is crucial to the success of your project. We strongly believe in fostering an environment where effective communication between onsite and remote teams becomes a key in reaching a mutual goal - delivering high-quality products to your customers.

QA manager's role is to reflect on overall system quality. When you discover issues, you act as a bridge between the teams. Having input from all the teams and cross-system activities, you're uniquely positioned to see a big picture, reflect on the overall status of application quality, and identify bottlenecks.
QA teams working together to consistently produce a high-quality product.
Using our testing services allows you to:
  • Fast turnaround for feature improvements and releases
  • Transparent project status and clear communication at all levels
  • Access to a pool of domain experts with in-depth knowledge of the industry
  • Streamlined, clear, and open communication with your onsite teams
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